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HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY " Some people gave some. Some people gave their all"

Good morning and Happy Memorial Day. Please take a moment to reflect on this day. It is on this day we remember the people that gave their life to this Country. Freedom is not free. Some people gave some and some gave their all.

Now on to produce. Do you know what is worse than the end of the month for sales in produce? The end of the month after a holiday, and here we are. There are a few markets that will be higher, but the slow movement will keep a cap on it this week.

RED PEPPERS – Based on the limited volume this market should be higher. The demand side was weak, so markets remained unchanged. Mexico is winding down and cool temps in Coachella kept the peppers from coloring up. This week temps will be increasing and so will the volume. I don’t expect the market to change in the beginning of the week, but we should move higher by the end of the week especially on #1 product. East Coast Terminals should be no less than $22 on 15’s and should see mid $20’s on choice. I expect the market to be higher the following week.

GREEN PEPPERS – When the elevator breaks it does not stop half way down. We will be searching for a bottom here, and the race to it has begun.

SUMMER SQUASH _ These are the other items that should see higher markets, but I think this week’s slow demand may keep a lid on it. Prices will remain on the cheap side at the terminal level but will move higher FOB.

CUCUMBERS – No change here but I feel like the winds may be shifting. Supers are still I the $8.95 to 10.95 range fob and should bring $20 in the terminals

EGGPLANTS. Still short, demand is great, prices will be in the mid 20’s

ROMA TOMATOES – I love selling tomatoes again, the way they were meant to be sold. Prices are below the old minimum, but they are moving, which is a good thing for consumers and the growers. What would really make me smile is to see the large retailers get off their BS pricing model and drop prices to reflect this new market.

WATERMELONS – East coast weather is not looking conducive to higher watermelon prices.

AVOCADO & LIME MARKETS- I have to be honest here I don’t have an opinion either way on both of these markets, but I am sure I will by Wednesday.

Now for some really big news. In the coming weeks we will start planting 600 certified organic acres in Texas. We do have some new and exciting ideas for much of the land, but if you need anything grown it would be my pleasure to supply you consistently with beautiful, fresh, organic produce. Email or call me to discuss our future together. Thank you and have a great day.

The pics here are of a Sprouts store. I am a big fan of Sprouts. I always say they should have 3000 stores, they do produce right!

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