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Ground floor opportunity

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. I have to tell you I am getting very excited about our new adventure in Texas. The work has started on some minor repairs to the facility, then we will obtain all the required certifications for the fields, packing and warehouse facility. We are planning acreage for the crops we will grow, and we will also put aside acreage to test some new ideas in organic produce and of course to grow whatever you need from us. I can assure you this is going to be something exciting both from a organic growing prospective and a logistical dream location for produce, as well as all items, going into and out of Mexico. This is a party that you want to arrive before anyone else, so let’s get started before your competitor takes your seat. Tell me what you need, and I will get it done.

In the coming weeks I will be taking pictures and if you are interested, I will give you a tour of the operation as soon as everything is in place, all are welcome, and I do expect my almost 9000 followers to show up.

Speaking of followers. When I joined LinkedIn, I’ll admit I was a follower collector. I soon realized that that was not the best course of action for me. My nature is to try to help anyone I can whenever possible. To be honest I can’t help a machinery firm in China or a clothes manufacturer in Tunisia, so I try to limit my contacts to people associated with fresh produce and generally from North America and Europe. This is where I believe I have the best chance of actually doing some business or helping someone. So please all you financial advisors don’t be upset if I ignore your request, it’s not personal I just want to stick to business. I will offer this one tip. Contact my ex-wife she has all my money. LOL.


RED PEPPERS. – The spring deal from Mexico is done and whatever is left has quality issues. There is a summer red pepper deal from Mexico that should get started in a week or two and last for 3 or 4 weeks. Right now, we have Coachella Ca. The peppers are outstanding. The volume is coming up along with demand which is keeping the market stable, this may change next week to the downside.

YELLOW PEPPERS Along with the reds in Coachella we also have beautiful yellow peppers. What scares me about this market is that almost every year it starts of great and then about 2 weeks into it, right about now, you see explosive production, that takes the market to the bottom. This may be a week away if history repeats itself or maybe corrections have been made for past mistakes? Time will tell.

GREEN PEPPERS - Market is Cheap in the South but should firm and the market in the West has also firmed up a bit. We have reached bottom this market will go higher.

SUMMER SQUASH – Well it’s summer and it’s cheap. Jus buy local and see you in October.

CUCUMBERS. This market has not moved in a month but there is a glimmer of light going forward. We will come off these prices and go slightly higher.

WATERMELONS _ Tip of the day. Watermelons are easy for me to predict for the East coast. I just look at the weather. 80-degree weather good, 85 better, 90 plus great, New York extended weather not hitting 80 next week. Watermelons are lower.

ROMA TOMATOES - Tomatoes are higher, and no it's not because of the tariffs. Tomatoes have risen this time of year for at least the last 3 years as some of the larger areas wind down and we switch to summer production. Look for this market to stay strong.

LIMES. The deals are in 175 and smaller but even the larger sizes are starting to feel the pressure.

TRUCKS – Summer volume coupled with the annual DOT crackdown has left trucks in short supply and prices are much higher. Crackdown ends Friday and hopefully rates will subside.

The video is a RED Pepper field in Coachella. We always have them, and we have them beautiful! What do you need today?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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