My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

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Give produce people lemons they make lemonade.

Sometimes bad things turn into good situations.

Higher and higher consumption of many produce items are now evident and have been sustainable and increasing since the start of this pandemic. The story of fresh produce is an untold story and we see these increases in spite of this. What would happen if we actually started to promote produce on a National level as an industry? The answer in my opinion is clear, even bigger growth along all fresh categories. Missing from our industry is the classic commercials we see from almost every other consumer industry. Why is that? Why are not our national associations reaching out to consumers instead of all of us? I guarantee if the consumer start looking, they will find us, all of us. I am one man with a plan, but I need a few more voices to shout, maybe yell from the rooftops about the wonderful benefits of fresh produce. Let’s hear that dollar for dollar there are more health benefits, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals in produce than they could ever find in a box or a can, no matter how cheap the price.

RED PEPPERS I will have promotable volume at the beginning of this week but be careful going forward because some hot weather is setting up that could cut production and harvest. Listen to this week’s video for the full story.

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