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From the frying pan and into the fire

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

From the frying pan and into the fire

Good morning and happy Wednesday, but it’s not really happy. These are my 2 post from yesterday in FB. Please go to the link for today’s video chat.

There are a couple of attachments, one of an interesting article about the challenges our growers face with the lack of food service business. I also am inserting my friend Gary Blair’s Hunts point price report. This is not a USDA report. Gary is a buyer in New York, and this is the report he sends to his customers every day, so check it out, it is a very useful tool. The report is 4 pages long but I am only copying the first page here.

I am out of the Box! For the first time that I can remember, the injustice that was brought on by the POS man ( I don't want to say his name)was unanimous. Black, white, Red yellow right left, and middle called it for what it was MURDER. The aftermath protest were warranted and necessary. I would hope that the OUTRAGE of the violence was equally unanimous, but I fear it is not. Do the several lives lost due to this violence count less than for George Floyd? Do criminal have more rights than citizens while they go unchecked? This is not Black and White. If you watch the riots there are just as many whites, Latinos, men and woman as Blacks? It's time to get out of our boxes and start acting as WE instead of Me. It's time to take out the good and put the bad into their box (Jail)

I am a commonsense guy; I would go so far to say that I may qualify for a PHD in common sense. I honestly don't know how serious the "systemic Racism" is but I do know from friends that experience it that it is real. My common sense does tell me one place where there is systemic racism to the 10th degree. It is the Police precinct where that POS human murdered George Floyd. How do I know this without ever being there or knowing these men? The act of those 4 other POS's standing there and doing nothing is all a reasonable man would need to see to come to the conclusion this behavior was condoned and expected at this precinct. Please be advised this is not every precinct  in the USA and these POS don't represent the majority of officers. My common sense also knows how to fix it. Good cops must call out bad cops and stop the blue wall of silence to protect these criminals who make it worse for all of the good cops in this country. There are many more good people in this world than bad and our way forward is not to protect bad actors no matter who they are, rioters and looters included

Edit, sorry no matter what I do I can't place the page of the price report here. I will fix in a future post.

you can contact Gary Blair at 718 542 5000

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