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Father's Day Terminal Market Report


Good morning and Happy Father’s Day. It has been an exciting Father year for me. My first grandson was born last year in June. I am also in the Process of adopting my wife’s 3 boys. Our oldest boy, Harold is already adopted and Cristian we have a July 27thcourt date and Miquel is soon after. My wife’s sister Carolina delivered a beautiful baby boy last week, so Gabriel welcome to the family. I always said my favorite job was being a Dad, so the more the merrier. Now you have to add Grandpa to that list as well. To all the Dad’s out there and especially, to my Dad Sam Manfre, 85 years young and to my Son in law Greg Knabbe, his first Father’s, Day have a wonderful day and a GREAT FATHER’s DAY.


RED PEPPERS - The heat last week impacted my items in California and especially peppers, all colors. You will see a much higher market that will strengthen every day. The real problem is that Bakersfield usually starts around July 7thso an expensive market may be around for a few weeks. East cost prices should start out no lower than $22.00 and should be mid to high $20’s by the end of the week, if demand is there of course. 25#’ sill easily be $30 plus. No need to sell them fast because it will cost more to replace the inventory.

YELLOW PEPPERS – are usually 5%-10% of the red pepper crop size. So volume will be impacted to a larger extent. This market may see higher prices than the red pepper market.

GREEN PEPPERS – Out West they are HOT ,HOT, HOT, both literally and figuratively. The heat has cut supplies down dramatically. The good news is that we may see new green peppers crossing through Texas and Georgia peppers may ramp up a little. The real determining factor as always will be demand. My 2 cents is that this market will remain strong.

CUCUMBERS – Western dark green cukes could hit $30 in the East coast markets. If not $30 pretty darn close. Good demand, lower supplies, great market.

ROMA TOMATOES – I am truly enjoying selling tomatoes without the suspension agreement. Quantity, demand, condition, size, color are the factors for setting a price, not some obscure floor price. This week we will see prices at or below the old suspension agreement floor of $8.30

WATERMELONS – East coast weather is not helping the demand for watermelons and it looks like there will be no contribution next week as well. Hopefully we will have better weather and more demand for the July 4thpull.

Our 600-acre organic deal in Texas is moving forward. This is my first step in trying to change the produce business for the better for all of us, from grower to consumer. I can’t let all my secrets out of the bag, but it will be magnificent when accomplished. Have a great day and again HAPPY FATHER”S DAY!

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