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Good morning

Last weeks drops in prices across the board had more to do with lack of demand more than abundant supplies. Hopefully there will be some return to normalcy this coming week. Remember just because someone is less does not mean they are right.

RED PEPPERS – Nowhere was the preceding statement true than with Red peppers in NYC last week. One receiver thought the market was lower than the fob’s in California and he quickly learned it was not. If demand returns this week this market should be $18-$20 on 15# and in the $26-30 range on 25#. Maybe a little less on both if no demand.

YELLOW PEPPERS and let’s add GREEN PEPPERS – Still too many. This market is trying to get off the bottom, we need greater demand to give it a lift.

CUCUMBERS – This was another casualty of last weeks lethargic demand. This market should have been higher on much lighter supplies but instead it was lower on lack of demand. I think this week we are back to a legitimate $30 plus market on SS cucumbers.

ROMA TOMATOES – A week early but no surprise there this market is much higher and should bring $18-$20 at the terminal level.

KABOCHA SQUASH _ We are shipping Kabocha from California and Canada. The quality is outstanding, and prices should be $16-$18.

Mexico will start shipping from Nogales in a week or two so get ready, we will be adding many more seasonal items to this report. I will start shipping from our farms in about 30 days for mixed melons and then mixed vegetables both organic and conventional, 3o days later. I expect ALL of my 9000 followers to place their orders with me. J

If you are reading this on my website at please read yesterday’s posting on supply and demand it helps explain much about how these markets work. Until Wednesday, have a great day.

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