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Good morning and happy Sunday the 2 pictures are our Crenshaw melons in Mexico, which should begin harvesting in about 30 days. The crop looks healthy and we are expecting great things from these fields. The 2 links below are from articles I have read this week and I urge you to read them. The first is Walmart’s concern over the inspections of tomatoes required under the newly proposed suspension agreement. Walmart is exactly right voicing it’s concerns. These inspections are a veiled attempt to impose unnecessary restrictions to slow the flow of Mexican tomatoes into the USA. I also believe it is the hope of the Florida tomato exchange to have these restrictions implemented to make their tomatoes seem more attractive by limiting the availability of Mexican tomatoes and by making the purchasing and logistical process more cumbersome. Remember what I have said in the past, “ If Florida gets away with this they will not stop at tomatoes” There is no other produce commodity that gets 92% of the time. This is just wrong!

The second link is how traditional supermarkets are losing market share, something I have repeated ad nauseum. “The battles for supermarket supremacy will be fought in grocery but the war will be won in fresh” Large retailers are so entrenched in the way they display, price and merchandize produce that they can’t see the forest through the trees. Beautiful displays, value pricing, selling in accordance with supply and demand is the way forward. There are a few that have implemented these strategies and are prospering.

I will be in New York this coming week, I will also be at the PMA in October so lets get together to talk produce.


The last 2 weeks have been very difficult to predict prices because demand has been so depressing. Markets that should have been hot were not and prices that were suppose to be low went lower. Like I always say Demand make a market.

RED PEPPERS -Demand has been off here and there will be a little bump in supplies this coming week. If demand returns, I would figure $18 at the terminal level on 15# but if not $16 will be there too. Choice will be in the mid $20’s give or take. There will be Canadian and Mexican that will also pressure this market.

GREEN AND YELLOW PEPPERS will not fare well either unless we get a real push on demand.

CUCUMBERS – This is an item that has underperformed for several weeks on light supplies. There are cukes from the West, Canada as well as local and all have different prices and all have been selling at a discount. I don’t think this week will be any different.

I am sorry for the lack of information this week but without demand it’s hard to predict where prices will land. As we get later into the month I see less and less of a possibility of demand returning. I do hope I am wrong on that front. See you on Wednesday for a live video from NYC.

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