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East Coast Terminal Market report

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Well here we are again the end of the month and another week of the 2’s. To make matters worse this will extend for almost 2 weeks, not ending until next Thursday. This will affect demand greatly, which will crash weak markets, on the flip side the extreme rains and heat of the past 2 weeks have also limited supplies which obfuscates the situation.

RED PEPPERS – This market went from xero to 100 in terms of volume last week. The plants that were lagging behind received a good dose of heat that pushed them into a nice flush. The bad news is that this week they could go back to about 30. Given the afore mentioned week of the 2’s markets may not rise until the beginning of August when we should see a little increase in demand. 15# reds should bring in the $20 range and choice $26 to $30. These prices should hold but you never can tell with the hokum of the East coast terminal markets.

YELLOW PEPPERS – Even with the flush last week there was still not enough yellow peppers. This market may come off their $40 on 25# terminal price but not by much.

GREEN PEPPERS The prices came off out West, but the peppers also sized down. It will be interesting to see how the torrential rains followed by extreme heat affects peppers as well as every other item, it usually is a very bad scenario.

CUCUMBERS – Prices have moderated off their highs. The best Supers will be in the $26 – 30 range with downward pressure because of lethargic demand.

WATERMELONS – Here we have a perfect storm for higher prices. Rain severely limited supplies and most of the country is HOT. Like I always said the hotter it gets the hotter watermelons get, coupled with limited supplies this could get crazy. Maryland and Delaware will be starting this week which may help a little.

ROMA TOMATOES Rain is the problem here as well. Some growers have lost and are done. Other growers have pe=predominantly #2 fruit. Our only relief in the coming weeks is local and Canadian Roma tomatoes.

That is all for this week. I’ll see you on Wednesday. Have a great day.

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