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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Spring is in the air, the weather is warming and it’s time to sell produce! This video is of me spending my Friday night to make sure a retail customer had the proper color to sell tomatoes and hold others for a few days if necessary. Making sure you get the best produce available, even if I have to do it myself is what makes me happy, making you happy.

RED PEPPERS The volume has dropped off and prices are rising. I belive the red pepper market will be $10.95 to 12.95 fob on Monday and may go higher depending on demand. East Coast Terminals $14 should be the bottom and then $16 as the week moves on.

GREEN PEPPERS The slide has stopped, and the market has firmed at the lower prices. I expect XL green peppers to bring $24/$26 at the Terminal level. Florida volume is light which is a contributor to a higher market.

YELLOW & ORANGE PEPPERS Both colors have come off their highs but not cheap. Choice 25# should be in the $20’s and 11# could touch $20 as well.

GREEN SQUASH This market had to go higher because it couldn’t go any lower. New section beautiful squash and old section squash, which kept the market in check is all but done. I see this market coming off it’s bottom and firming a couple of dollars. I say $12 on Fancy grade in the terminals. $7.95 8.95 fob.

YELLOW SQUASH – Demand dropped off here and new squash coming with good supplies, I see this market lower.

CUCUMBERS Demand is up on cukes prices are also a little higher. The caveat here is we have Southern Cukes as well as Mexican Cukes and we have more Mexican growers starting to harvest from now to the 15thof April. We will have more supplies and we will have to wait and see if demand tacks up the slack.

EGGPLANTS – Mexican Eggplants are being quoted from $7.95 to $14.95 fob. I can tell you the guys at $7.95 are more correct then the guys at $14.95, especially when you have superior Florida Eggplants costing much less delivered. The terminals will be about $14.00/$16.00

ROMA TOMATOS – May get off the minimum this week but it may also be short lived. New growers start harvesting almost every day

LIMES – The fall to earth has begun but not over. The race to the bottom has begun.

AVOCADOS. I am working on changing this industry. Stay tuned. Market is steady.

WATERMELONS. Demand exceeds supplies

KABOCHA SQUASH – New harvesting is SLOWLY starting but the item is still very tight.

FYI If the border gets closed this week you can forget this posting and everything you have will be worth more BUT you won’t be able to get any more , from Mexico after you sell, until the border opens again.

My prediction, the border does not get closed and all will be well.

Have a great day. See you on Wednesday, when I will talk about the new push in retail in artificial intelligence. I believe this is a good thing because AI is much better than what the use to have which was NI, NO INTELLIGENCE. LOL

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