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Good morning and happy Sunday! This is a very busy week for me, flying to NY Tuesday morning. I will be in NJ Tuesday night to see my youngest daughter Alexis graduate from High School. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will be visiting The NYC and Philadelphia terminal markets and a few customers. Saturday is my grandson Dane’s first birthday. Sunday I will do what God asks and rest. Monday back to Texas and then on Tuesday off to Colombia. I told you it was a busy week. If anyone in the tri state area would like to get together, please let me know ASAP I am sure we can squeeze you in somewhere.


RED PEPPERS – California red peppers were short last week and were quoted in the $16.95 -18.95 range. If it was not the end of the month, I would say this market would definitely be in the $26 range but the week of the 2’s always throws a curve into the mix. Demand will be off so $24 and possibly $22 just to keep the product moving with very little profit. There are also new peppers crossing in Texas from Mexico which are about the same in price but have lower freight cost. There is not an abundance of peppers and new fields will not come on until about July 7 in California. This week may be a bumpy road but next week with demand back this market could easily be higher. Choice reds peppers are being quoted $26.95 fob and are very short. If you do the math per pound is close the same price as #1 reds. This market should be $35-$40.

GREEN PEPPERS – Every time this market looks like it is coming off in price it reverses course and goes higher. Western peppers, especially XL were in demand and short. Eastern peppers seem like there was not too many XL but many off grades. I am looking at my calendar and local green peppers from NJ/PA should be starting this week which should take the edge off a little. I’ll take a educated guess here and say Green peppers start off in the $22 range and drift lower.

YELLOW PEPPERS - There are very few yellow peppers available in California which should keep this market elevated in spite of the week of the 2’s. 25# should be in the $35 plus range.

CUCUMBERS. More supplies less demand lower prices. Super Selects around $22 and may drift lower.

ROMA TOMATOES – XL roma were quoted from $7-$10 fob this week. There were loads with 4,5 and 6 color and some lighter ones with soft. You know the old saying “you get what you pay for” this is a prime example. That is not to say there were not good roma tomatoes at $7 but you need to watch what you are loading. If history is a good indication of future markets tomatoes will be heading higher this week, maybe and next week for sure.

WATERMELONS I don’t think I can ever remember watermelons being so hard to move before the 4thof July. Demand has been terrible, and supplies keep coming from many states. Hopefully this week will be better.


Our facility is moving forward with needed upgrades and repairs as well as all the certifications of field, warehouse and packing facilities. If I accomplish what we are setting out to do I assure you it will be a GREAT achievement from grower to wholesale, retail and consumer. When accomplished all will want to get on board and many will try to duplicate but the ones who have the vision to get on board first will reap much of the rewards. People throw gamechanger around much, but this will be a monumental GAMECHANGER. Have a great Sunday and we will see you on Wednesday.

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