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Good morning and happy Sunday and welcome to the East Coast Terminal Market report. It has been very hot in Mission Texas, over 105 for the last 3 days. I am sorry to say that my East Coast friends have a hard time reaching 80, come on weather let’s have a little cooperation, its supposed to be summertime.

WATERMELONS – There is not another item influenced at the retail level, by weather more than watermelons. When it’s hot they get hot, when it’s not they languish. Production is in full swing in a few different areas and we need some summertime weather to spike up demand. Looking at this week forecast, it does not look good for higher prices and increased demand. This market will still be a buyer’s market. Call me I have plenty of beautiful melons at reasonable prices.

RED PEPPERS – This market is stable for the moment, but I do see increased supplies on the horizon which could put the market under pressure the following week unless demand picks up or ads kick in. The terminal should be in the. $22 range on 15’s and $26 on 25# choice

GREEN PEPPERS – When Southern growers call West coast growers for Green peppers you know that somethings up. The up being the Green pepper market. Less in the South more Demand, this market will be higher. West coast peppers should be $20 plus at the terminal level and high teens on Southern.

YELLOW PEPPERS I am not a fan of this market. Too many for my comfort zone. This market will be lower.

CUCUMBERS – FINALLY the market has come off the bottom and is moving skyward. This market will be higher. The bottom on SS cukes should be in the mid $20’s and go higher from there.

ROMA TOMATOES – I would like everyone to write their congressman and senators and tell them to stay out of the produce business because we are all better off without them. Please also tell them to stop the dumping investigation because “It’s not dumping it’s Produce” The market has adjusted up and down since the end of the suspension agreement. The market has prices in different sizes, color condition and what is most important is because of the removal of the fake prices of the suspension agreement the product was moving well, and it did not have to be sent to a landfill. This my friends is how produce works and has worked. Supply and Demand is the most efficient and sustainable way to sell produce. You pick your side, but Government and efficient are two words that do not belong together. Leave produce to the people.

LIMES – Prices have not bottomed out yet but they are on their way.

Have a great week and I will see you on Wednesday.


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