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East coast Terminal Market Report

Good morning and Happy Sunday! Well 2 weeks ago there was a race to the bottom on most items and now it’s a race to the top on many items. As I stated last week the Mexican deal could end abruptly and that seems to be the case. Many items, in fact most items were short this week and prices will be higher. On the tomato front, May 7this 2 days away and no agreement and no one knows any details. I believe and have always believed that the suspension agreement is a failed policy and growers, markets and consumers will be better off without out it and I also believe that the Mexican growers will win the dumping argument because it’s not dumping in produce, it’s supply and demand.


RED PEPPERS – Supplies have started to dry up and the markets are firming up. Prices will trend higher. Last weeks markets hovered in the $14.00 range give or take. Towards the end of the week demand increased and prices firmed up further. I believe East Coast Markets will be $22/$20 to start the week but will be higher by mid-week. New field reds from Coachella will start trickling in by mid-May. Choice reds will be $25 plus and also go higher by week’s end.

GREEN PEPPERS – The flush is over here, and we have more deals ending than starting. Markets rebounded of last week’s cheap pricing and are in higher demand mode. Green peppers should be in the $20 plus range in the East.

YELLOW/ORANGE PEPPERS – Same scenario for these peppers but prices nay be more dramatic because of their limited planted acreage.

CUCUMBERS – The bounce off the bottom has started. Prices on cukes will start to rise. The bottom in the east’s terminals should be $20 and should trend higher as the week goes along.

EGGPLANTS – Seasonal decline in volume will push this market upwards. I am thinking about $20/$18 and could hit $22 plus by the end of the week.

GREEN/YELLOW SQUASH – No other item harvesting dropped off faster than squash. The winter weather and winds put a hurting on production. Both of these items went from their parent’s basement to the penthouse in one week’s time. Even with other squash options from Florida, the demand remained with the Mexican product. I believe green squash will start off in the high teens and may finish the week in or close to the mid-twenties. Yellow squash will probably start off in the mid- twenties and go higher still.

ROMA TOMATOES- Supplies were down the Mexican National market was firm and there is much confusion on the future of all tomatoes. It is hard to predict these markets with so much uncertainty but my prediction “ We will finally have a real market on tomatoes since the 1990’s and I believe we will all benefit from it.

WATERMELONS – Volume is coming, the northeast is getting rain all week, prices will DROP. This will be a great buying opportunity.

HARD SQUASH –Kabocha is becoming more available and prices are coming off. There are many deals on smaller sizes. BUTTERNUT is also firm. Acorn and SPAGHETTI SQUASH are long and there are many deals.

Have a great day and we will see you all again on Wednesday. I will be in New York this week and I am planning a trip to Chicago at the end of May. Let’s get together so we can GROW TOGETHER and #MPGA.

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