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Good morning and Happy Sunday. Well here we are it’s August. It seems like a short time ago I was writing Happy New year, well before you know it will be here again. Time passes so my question for today is “ When is the last time you did something for the first time”? Let’s go you are burning daylight, GO LIVE.


RED PEPPERS Red peppers will continue to be short especially on number one fruit and will continue for one or 2 more weeks. There will be choice available. The markets will stay strong on 15# lg/xl. Terminal business I could easily see $30 to $35 business because of very short supplies coupled that with beginning of the Month demand. Choice should also bring $30 plus.

Canada who is usually a factor this time of year with elongated red and yellow peppers are 2 to 3 weeks behind.

YELLOW PEPPERS – The only thing more scares the reds are yellow peppers. Most growers only plant 5%-10% of the crop yellow peppers, which exacerbates the problem when weather limits supplies. This market will stay strong and they should bring the same or more than red peppers.

The flip side of this coin is that demand for yellow peppers is not as great as red and green peppers.

GREEN PEPPERS – If you had to pick a winner of the year, associating a stock with a produce item, that stock would have to be green peppers. The market has remained high with a few intermittent dips for several months. Canada which is always a factor on green peppers is just starting and like red peppers are a few weeks behind. Both California and Canadian shortages in the pepper category are all weather related.

CUCUMBERS – There are some good cukes in Michigan and Canada but the best cukes are still in Mexico, crossing through Texas, Arizona and California. Two tier market here depending on quality. Mexicans should bring a premium $25-$30 and others could be in the $20’s and even teens.

ROMA TOMATOES. $14.95 fob and not enough number ones, this market should be $22 plus at the terminals.

WATERMELONS – This is usually a big item for me in the summer but not this year, two farms wiped out left me with no melons and I am not alone. This market remains high and tight.

KABOCHA – Beautiful California Kabocha should bring $20. The local stuff mid-teens.

Have a great day and go do something today for the first time!

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