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Decisions, produce or plastic?

Good morning and Happy Wednesday from Colombia. I am really enjoying my time here. I can actually see myself living here once my youngest goes off to college. I love the people, the food and of course my family. Some of my observations so far, the food is better. Let me explain. I try to eat only fresh foods, noticed I said try, and I do for the most part. When I am in the USA when I eat poorly my digestion gets funky on me, here that is not the case. My conclusion is that there are not as many additives in the food here like the US. I may be wrong but there is definitely a difference and my body recognize it.

As I walk in the produce section of the supermarkets here you see very little packaging. Most products are piled high in their natural beauty, which I absolutely love. In the US it seems like every major retailer is catching on to the eliminating plastic, like it’s some kind of new idea, the new bad idea was putting it into plastic in the first place. Consumers can change how produce is sold, when we demand it and vote for the change with our dollars the retailers get the message. You can also tell them to read this,

If you need another reason to ditch the plastic read this,

I have been saying this for years. You know what really gets me nuts? The people that only want to buy organic produce for the purpose of their health and the environment but buy it in plastic!

In this next article you will see my thinking and correlation of why do we need to sell 50 different kinds of tomatoes? Most large supermarkets have so many different kinds of tomatoes that must contribute to their large shrink numbers. I would bet the ranch that selling less varieties will generate more sales and profits and less confusion. Try it and let me know how it works?


AVOCADOES I eat an avocado or 2 every day. I live in Mission Texas, so my avocadoes are 99% of the time from Mexico. I have been in Colombia for a week eating a Colombian avocado or 2 every day. I am here to tell you that there is no difference in the taste of the two. I have purchased them ripe, green and in between and there is no difference. So eat up everyone Colombian Avocadoes are on their way. Prices have fallen for Mexican Hass and the slide will continue of these lofty levels.

RED PEPPERS – Bakersfield has started in a slow way. #1’s are short, seems everyone has choice from either fields ending or fields beginning. This market will stay good until we see some more #1 fruit.

YELLOW PEPPERS. – They have started to harvest but we have a slow start here too.

GREEN PEPPERS – I always said if one guy was $8 for example and another guy was $18 it is your job to figure out who is right. I also say if everyone is one price and one guy is a much higher or lower price, he is the guy that is right. Some guys were cheap and one guy was hogh and the highs have it. This market will be higher.

CUCUMBERS Demand exceeds supplies for Western cukes, driving up prices on local cukes as well.

ROMA TOMATOES – I told you since May July would be a high prices month and here we are.

WATERMELONS – Hot weather in the NE leads to good demand on Melons.

KABOCHA SQUASH – Mexico is done but we have beautiful California Kabocha for a small window.

Have a great day

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