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Good morning and Happy Sunday. One of my produce rules is that it usually takes 13 days after Thanksgiving for business to start to pick up, which is the second Wednesday after the holiday at the Terminal level Why? Because either the leftovers have been eaten or they have to be thrown away and it’s time to get ready for Christmas. Well this Wednesday is the day and I do expect this train to arrive right on time.

I will be at the New York Produce Show this coming week and will be in the NY?NJ area until the 19th, so stop by the Katzman boot, where my Colombian Avocados will be displayed or we can get together anytime during my visit.


RED PEPPERS – One of the slowest weeks of the year and reds managed to go higher and were actually in demand. The week finished at reds being quoted at 20.95 on 15’s and choice from 24.95 to 28.95 fob. I believe these prices will be reflective at the terminals, but it may take to mid to end of the week to get there. 11# Mexican reds were also higher and were aligned in price in the price per pound ratio. Demand will be the factor where this market lands. Supplies will be starting from Mexico this week, hopefully with better size and color than the Coachella peppers, which tend to be undersized in the fall. I have to say none of the reds from last week had medals on them, hopefully better this week.

GREEN PEPPERS – We will need a big increase in demand to get this market moving in an Upward direction. Lots of deals on all sizes to keep the product moving.

CUCUMBERS There were a few more cukes available towards the end of the week but demand was still good. The increase in supplies I believe will be met with an increase in demand going forward, which will keep this market steady. SS cukes should be mid- thirties plus at the terminals.

EGGPLANTS -Still not cheap but there were deals towards the end of the week here as well. Let me say this about all the deals. They all could be due to the afore mentioned worst demand week of the year or may be a harbinger of things to come. In the case of eggplants, I think the market will come off it’s highs, $15-18 at the terminals on 18’s less on 24’s.

ROMA TOMATOES They are short, and I don’t see any relief in sight.

GREEN SQUAH – I didn’t like this market after the rains in Mexico and I continue to not like it but it has come off it’s high’s to settle in at $10-12 fob, I think it could fall a little further.

AVOCADOS – Get on my program and you won’t need to worry about the price. Come and see me in NYC.

This week we will start to see the effects of the storm in Mexico. As I stated in previous reports the real damage can be from 2 weeks to 2 months away. Time will tell but if there is supply gaps in the coming weeks, with the heaviest demand, it could be a wild ride.

December 7, Pearl Harbor day a day that will live in infamy . It is also the day that I brought my then girlfriend and her 3 young boys from Colombia to the USA. We were married several months later and have since adopted our 3 sons. It may be a day of infamy for many but to me it is the day that changed my life for the better.

The link below is your reading assignment for today, its very interesting read and it proves you can learn a lot from the past and there are some good old ideas out there, like me. J

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