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Covid 19 will change the fresh produce business

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Good morning and Happy Sunday. I have so much to speak about this week so make sure you have enough time to read and listen to the video and read the links. I want to address where I think the produce has been and more importantly where do I think it is going. I will address from a supply side, from a demand side as well as retail. I will discuss strange new alliances that may shape the produce business in the future. I will discuss what I think will be in store for consumers going forward and lastly some personal observations about what I have learned through all of this.

I have also been interviewed many times over the past week by Produce business, March edition, The Packer and by the produce industry podcast, which will be available today, just click the link.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is what I believe can be a big game changer in produce.

First, the new alliances that have been formed to insure survival between nontraditional partners, such as food service and retail supermarkets and retail and terminal markets. It will be Interesting to see if they go back to the same old ways after the virus as they were before the virus? I say no, they have all learned something new and I think they will bring those new ideas forward. Another interesting fact do all those food service companies that now do boxes to consumers give them up or are they new competition for retail? I think they will continue, maybe do neighborhood central drops in the areas they service their wholesale customers, may be a viable and lucrative endeavor. I believe if one of these companies deliver quality produce with value, they will be successful. I also have an idea to help the merchant, farmer and consumer. Let’s say you offer a staple box or a rotating box of produce. Every week you throw in one or two items that are long, which means they are also cheap, produce picks of the week. This will help farmers move product that they couldn’t move, give consumers a bargain and a real value and then you will be offering something that large retail has not done in many years. I would also offer immune boosting boxes, value boxes, 5 a day boxes. The list in endless and I believe a great business opportunity. Please feel free to contact me if you need more ideas or information

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