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Costco I love you but your avocados suck

Good morning and Happy Wednesday.


RED PEPPERS August which generally is a market killer month is not able to kill this red pepper market. Supplies still have not caught up with demand. There should have been a little relief, very little, at the end of this week but higher temps will curtail harvesting. When markets reach these levels, I am always concerned about retail demand, especially this time of year when you have so many vegetable options which will cost much less per pound than red peppers, and no demand holidays that make them necessary. At the moment I am hearing from many new best friends that need red peppers. If you want to be a year-round every week red pepper customer, I may be able to help, call me or send me an email but remember my motto “ You get them when they are hot, you take them when they are not”.

YELLOW PEPPERS There will be a little more available the next few days for 2 reasons. Yellow peppers are usually 5%- 10% of the size of the red pepper crop and demand is about 5%. We now have so few reds that the yellows that are about 2 to 3 skids on a load of reds now have nowhere to go, that coupled with a good harvest exacerbates the situation. This market will be lower.

GREEN PEPPERS – Local, Canadian, California and Mexican green pepper all competing for your love. This market will be trending lower.

CUCUMBERS- Pay for the ones from the West because they are the best. There are other options but if you need the right kind that is the way to go, Western selects are running much better than local Supers.

ROMA TOMATOES – Supplies are better from Mexico as well as an abundance of other areas and it’s August. This market will be lower, but Mexicans will still bring a premium. You know why Wilbur Ross? Because they are better.

WATERMELONS – Finally supplies in line with demand and this market will come off its lofty highs.

KABOCHA SQUASH- Western kabocha is outstanding and is worth the extra $ over locale and we have them BEAUTIFUL.

AVOCADOS – Steady and like I said on Sunday, look for this market to start trending higher in September.

Which brings me to those Avocado pictures featured today. They are the avocados my wife purchased a few days ago at Costco. First let me say I love Costco; I have been a member for about 30 years, I own their stock, they have great merchandise, I very rarely get out of their stores without spending at least $300 even when I just go in for a rotisserie chicken, again I reiterate I love Costco BUT Costco your Avocados SUCK. These pictures are typical of almost every bag of avocados I bring home from Costco, I have asked my wife to please stop buying them. These were not over ripe avocados they were all firm ripe and should have been perfect but as usual about 7 out of 10 times this is what you get. I am sure whomever has that contract has a fixed price so into those bags go #1;s and #2’s. Into those bags go Peruvians which are finishing up and are much cheaper than Mexicans which are much better and much tastier. Sorry Peru but this are the facts. Costco you do so many things better than any other retailer, please fix this, it’s not that hard to do.

Ok let’s move on to some of the great ideas in Produce. First TIPA has a webinar promoting the health benefits to produce.

Hopefully it will reach the consumers and not just the people in our industry. This is the comment I left “Great job TIPA this is what the industry should be prompting and selling, not each other. Let’s go #pmatime to get with the program. If you don’t know how I’ll show you how.

The PMA, in my opinion spends too much time and energy marketing the industry to the industry instead of marketing us to consumers. They spend too much time telling us about this person or that person is great in our industry instead of telling consumers how great our industry is for them. How about extending the PMA’s countless shows for a day or 2 and inviting consumers to come and visit for a nominal charge or for free? This is what they should be promoting not each other.

If you have been reading for a while you know how disappointed I am in most large retailer when it comes to produce. You know I am a big fan of independents, Sprouts, Wegmans to name a few because I believe they sell produce the correct way. Search for my posting of the Produce Manifesto for more information on this subject. To that read the following. Could it be that these smaller stores are not locked into the same failed paradigm that the large retailers have been following for 30 plus years? Maybe it’s time to admit you have it wrong before you go extinct?

As always thank you for reading and your comments are always welcome, weather t=you agree or disagree. This old dog loves new tricks and wants to keep learning. Have a great day.

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