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Be creative, get out of your box or get left in the dust

Good morning and happy Sunday. Well after 2 weeks of very lackluster demand due to Covid 19 we finally saw a little retail bounce towards the end of the week as demand increased. As I sated in previous videos, I did expect some demand with the Easter holiday as well as the government checks arriving on the first, people had a little money to spend and hopefully will spend it on food. I will expect another bounce when the stimulus checks start to arrive in 2 weeks. On the other side of the coin supplies on some items have dried up because of the decrease in demand, as some growers walk away from some old fields and some new fields as well, I speak about this in my interview with The Packer click on the link.

We are in uncharted territory with these markets going forward with both supply and demand issues. What you want may not be available and maybe what is available maybe will not be wanted. It’s time to do what only real produce people can do, be creative, resilient and objective. I can tell you “what you have always done” is not going to cut it for the foreseeable future. Time to break out of your box. There will be some very good opportunities in these markets, but you have to have the blinders off and be ready to turn on a dime, don’t get left in the dust. Have a great week.

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