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Be back on Wednesday

Happy Sunday on a Saturday night. I am bringing back an oldie but goodie because I will be flying back to Texas early tomorrow morning and I will not have internet for most of the flight. I also spent most of my last day in Colombia in the Hospital, luckily, I am still on track to live to 125. My market report will also be on the light side because Saturday is my day to check all markets. I’ll do my best with limited info.


RED PEPPERS I could be in a Coma and predict this market, demand exceeds supplies. Usually July 7 is a good date for the start of Bakersfield peppers, this year the plants are not cooperating, and I am hopeful of more supplies for next week. The terminal markets should see brisk business for 15# reds in the $30 plus range, Choice at $35 plus, and mostly plus. 25# xl $40 plus, all for Ca. product The remaining Mexican reds should also bring similar prices due to demand.

YELLOW PEPPERS Same as red and maybe higher prices.

GREEN PEPPERS -West is sizing down, mostly large, many more locals available.

ROMA TOMATOES – Market off it’s highs but still a good market.

AVOCADOES – Everyday a little less.

CUCUMBERS – They will also come off their highs FOB but terminals still in the $35 plus range on SS.

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