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Back, Back, Back in the USA!

Good morning and happy Wednesday. I am back in Texas from Colombia and happy to be home. I am sorry about the lack of information on Sunday’s posting but the all day hospital visit on Saturday and then no internet for 90% of my flights on Sunday threw a cure into my plans.

I will try to make up for it today. First one of my pet peeves, the tomato suspension agreement, please read the following article.

I only have one question? Why are the Mexican growers pushing for a new suspension agreement? I believe they will win the dumping argument and I also believe that even with the tariff now they are better off than before for the sale and marketing of their tomatoes and when they win the anti- dumping argument and the tariffs are removed it will only get better. If there are any growers that disagree with me, please let me know what I am missing? I believe if you sign a new suspension agreement you go from wining the anti-dumping case to start dumping your tomatoes in cheap markets because you can't sell them. Don't do it.


I am happy to report the necessary upgrades to our Texas facility are in progress and we will begin to start planting at the end of the month on our 600-acre certified organic land as well as additional organic and conventional land in Texas. There is still time for us to grow some commodities for you both organic and conventional but the window for action is closing. So, give me a call and we will GROW together.

The Colombian avocado program does not have the volume I anticipated but I am working with several more growers to increase the supplies dramatically. It is not progressing as fast I would like but anything worthwhile takes a little more time and trust me this is going to be great.


RED PEPPERS – Well finally we have started harvesting in Bakersfield and volume will increase and with that increase comes a drop-in price. I can tell you all of our 3 labels are outstanding in size, color and shape. Please call for ad and spot pricing.

YELLOW PEPPERS – There will be more available in the way of yellow peppers and prices will moderate there as well.

GREEN PEPPERS – This market depends where you are pulling them. Weather played havoc during last week which sent some sections higher. I think this week we will see a return to lower prices and much more volume West to East.

CUCUMBERS There are more supplies and new areas starting. Prices will be lower.

AVOCADOES Supplies are increasing, and prices are decreasing

ROMA TOMATOES – This market is off its highs and is trending slightly lower. I believe this market as well as all of the ones previously mentioned in this report will have added downward pressure due to the lethargic retail business associated with the end of month sales. Next week is the week of the 2’s and sales will suffer.

WATERMELONS Last week was a perfect storm for higher watermelon prices. Heavy rain in most of the growing areas and Hot weather in the Northeast took supplies down and prices up. Many growers are playing catch up on their orders and this market will continue to be strong.

That’s all I have for now. Thank you for reading and commenting on my post, it is much appreciated. Have a great day.

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