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Avocado and Rapini stuffing

Good morning from Colombia, here are two more videos for you to enjoy from our party on Sunday. ENJOY!

Again, in case you missed my Thanksgiving message, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy time with your family.

A quick market report. There will be rain for the next 3 days in most of Mexico’s growing regions which will definitely limit supplies. The caveat here, I don’t believe anyone will care for the first week because demand will be even less than short supplies. The two items that will buck that trend will be cucumbers and pickles. Red peppers will definitely come off their highs for about 7 to 10 days, not because of abundant supplies, although there will be an increase, but mostly due to lack of demand and significant pressure from Israeli and then European peppers after December 1. The future does not look bright for summer squash either.

Look at those beautiful rapini plants, they will start budding this week and we will be ready to ship our organic rapini in time for your Christmas feast. Don’t get shut out, send me your orders now.

Colombian Avocados will be on the water in 2 weeks. If you want a great fixed price for 6 months to a year you better call me fast before your competition does. I guarantee you will be EXTREMELY happy with the price and quality of our fruit.

I love the produce business, I love the people in it and I love you. Have a great Thanksgiving and go love your family and friends.

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