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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Good morning and happy Thursday. I am going to try a few different formats over the coming weeks so please let me know your thought?

First our


Mexico ended its 2-week avocado strike. I believe Mexico has shot itself in the foot once again. It seems not a year goes bye without some kind of stoppage, but this year they messed with the most loved of all the #avocado. There is nothing a #retailer, #wholesaler, #foodservice provider hates more than a disruption in the supply chain, they may tolerate it for a cucumber but not for an avocado. It has become a very small world and there are many countries that are now beginning to export avocados, Mexico will remain the big dog but if they don’t clean up their act the smaller dogs will look more appealing.

#kroger has new app called OPT UP FINALLY, someone is doing what I have been preaching for years. #educate the consumer on the benefits of fresh produce and combine it with technology and in turn they become better produce customers. Next we have to educate our produce professionals so they can better provide insights, tips, and provide another level of education to the consumer. In this way not only displaying and caring for the produce they become another point of sale with adds revenue and value.

This is what I believe the #PMA (Produce Marketing Association ) should have been educating consumers all these years. The spend their time, energy and money marketing produce business to business when they should be educating the public on the merits of fresh produce, we have such a great story to tell but no one is telling it.

#BlueApron has cut more jobs. This is supposed to lead to quicker profitability, this is doubtful. When major retailers added them to their retail mix it was just a delay of execution for them. It amazed me at that time how the retail giants followed each other in forming partnerships with meal kit companies, the blind leading the blind. Just because the other guy is doing it does not mean it’s a good idea. The same was true for misfit and ugly fruit as well as those terrible RPC display rack systems that I have previously written about.


In this section I will give my opinions and facts about #retailproduce. Hopefully I will turn you into better shoppers. It is my hope that educated shoppers become smarter consumers and can help reshape the fresh produce world.

30 plus years ago, or there about I saw my first bag salad. All of we smart produce guys said who the hell will buy this instead of a head of lettuce? Answer all of you, see we were not that smart. All of these packaged, cut up, prepped vegetables are called “value added”. If you want to save money, eat healthier value added is NO VALUE. If you want a grab and go salad for work I get it but to feed a family of 4 why not try cutting up a head of lettuce, it’s not that hard. Another caveat is by far many of the outbreaks for e coli and salmonella are in these packaged vegetable items. Lastly some not all have chemicals added.

So go ahead buy a head of lettuce and a couple of tomatoes, you will be amazed how many bags of salad you get and love the money you saved.


Ok boys and girls the Thanksgiving pull is done so we all know what happens next, Prices will drop like a rock for the next 7 to 10 days.

This year may be a little different.

ROMA TOMATOES - VERY cold weather in Torreon Mexico has all but halted production. We can see this market extremely high for a month or more.

RED PEPPERS. The only scenario to take this market lower is if shade house and hot house production ramps up and that does not look like it is happening. The only relief in sit is Mexico, which will probably start in December if no weather problems.

GREEN PEPPERS Market has been short, prices are high. More volume coming but it may take a week or longer to fill the pipeline.

CUCUMBERS They have hit their high and will be lower

GREEN SQUASH. Same as cucumbers

YELLOW SQUASH Will be higher same on GREY SQUASH

EGGPLANTS. More volume coming, market should ease off a little especially on lower demand.


KABOCHA Market is short on large sizes. We should see more production by the beginning of December.

Thank you for reading . Please comment. If you need me call me I love speaking produce. Until next week, good bye.

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