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After the flood

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. Yesterday I had a surprise when I learned that 2 longtime friends would be in McAllen for a few hours, Jim Cathy and Gonzolo Avila, both from Malena produce. I have been doing business with these gentlemen for decades. Jim has been a go to guy for me for information everything Nogales and Mexico for many years. The reason I mentioned this is after speaking with Jim at length and getting his thought on the supply side and adding my thoughts on the demand side, I believe the next few weeks could be a little wild for the next few weeks for a few items, will address these in the market report at the end of this posting.

Next let’s talk avocados and Organic Rapini. We will be cutting and packing our organic rapini today. This item is always in demand around the holidays so get me your orders fast and we will do our best to make you happy. Next, there was great interest in my avocado program. The few containers that will be on the water in 2 weeks were a starting point not an ending point, so if you are interested in high quality fruit at a fixed price, please let me know and I will get you set up. I am extremely interested in setting up a retail program for one lucky supermarket chain, that wants to offer consumers a great product at a great price while beating all the competition and maintaining their margins. Sound too good to be true? It’s not with me. Believe me I did not work years on this to bring you the same old thing.


RED PEPPERS – Will be higher. There is rain forecasted in Coachella today which will delay the few peppers that were available to begin with. As I told you last week this is always a bad week BUT next week is a different story on the demand side. So, with less supplies and more demand prices will be higher. The caveat, there is always a caveat, Peppers from Israel are pretty reasonable on the price per pound comparison, which can keep the market in check. We also have Mexican red Peppers starting to harvest by mid to end of week.

YELLOW PEPPERS – Too many here and not enough demand, market will remain weak

GREEN PEPPERS – Everyone but I said higher but they went lower. We will need a big push on the demand side to get this market higher, I don’t see it in the near term.

GREEN SQUASH – Remember on Sunday I said, “don’t buy the hype”? Well this is a perfect example of the hype. This market will be lower.

YELLOW SQUASH – Not a big believer in this one either.

EGGPLANTS – There were more eggplants than I thought would be available this week but not enough to take the market down on a very slow week. Demand will pick up by the middle of next week along with supplies, this market should be steady


CUCUMBERS – They were short going into the holidays, then the rain, then demand, they are hot, hot, hot.

Let me make a general market statement. When these weather events occur, they are usually not a surprise. When the growers know they are coming they harvest what they can before the storm and then salvage what they can after a storm. Now what usually happens, depending on the size of the perceived damage, prices will rise proportionately. This is the reason I say don’t buy the hype. A real limiting supply factor will manifest itself 2 weeks or 2 months away, with lack of production gaps or bloom drop. This is why I believe going into this holiday, with a gig increase in demand and the possibility of production gaps a week or two from now may make it a wild time. This will not be on all items but definitely a few. I may add that the greenhouse increase in vegetables because of the turmoil with the tomato suspension agreement, may be our savior on the supply side and this storm may be what we needed to decrease supplies, time will tell.

I will be at the NY produce show next week, December 12. And will be in the NY area until December 19. I will have my Colombian Avocados on display at the Katzman booth so please stop by and take a look, you will be glad you Have a great week see you on Sunday and let’s get together in New York.

The pictures above are from left to Right Rapini Fields, Red Peppers in Mexico, Ny wife several years ago making that gown out of all recyclable materials. The ruffles are 6 packs plastic of beer and soda, She came in first place. All the rest are our Colombian Avocados.

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