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5 A's and 4 P's

The 5 A’s and the 4 P’s

Good morning and Happy Sunday. Well it’s now 2 years since my family and I left NY/NJ and moved to Texas. It took a little adjusting but love me or hate me Texas, you are going to have to live with me and probably burry this Yankee here, preferably with my boots on. We have made some good friends, we love the weather, 3 days of winter and Texas values suit us just fine. So, thank you Texas and especially the Rio Grande Valley for welcoming us, we are here to stay.

I read an interesting article this past week, sorry but I couldn’t find the link. It stated, a survey, that online grocery shopping would not be sustainable and probably would decrease to pre- Covid 19 levels. This is counter to what I believe will be the outcome.

First, I thought I would like to know the questions they asked to get these responses? Questions can lead a person to a response. Then I thought maybe people have been quarantined so long that even the thought of going shopping was more attractive than sitting home and getting you groceries and your produce delivered? Then the worst thought entered my mind. Maybe with all of these new opportunities to shine, instead of shining they burned out like a shooting star?

I will discuss this more in this weeks video.

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