My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

1 man want 320 million Americans to pay more for produce

There is only one link today and it is very important for retailers, consumers as well as other states put a stop to this Florida madness. As I predicted 2 years ago, Florida wants to raise prices to consumers all over the USA and we must stop it. Freight rates keep climbing and avocado prices keep dropping will there be a strike in our future? Check out this week’s video for all your produce questions.

Birthdays, holidays, trucks, produce and dogs

Happy Sunday and much more importantly HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Steve Katzman, who has been a true friend to me for over 40 years. I hope all of you have at least one friend like Steve. If you have more than one like I do, you are truly blessed. This week’s video talks about markets, both trucks and produce, demand on both and the upcoming holiday season. There are no links to read so make sure you watch the whole video. #produce #freshfood #supermarket #walmart #usda #kroger #targ

Sprouts, and I'll make you an offer you can't refuse

This week I want to give some accolades to Sprouts I hope I am getting their intentions of what they proposed in the following article. Then I would like to dovetail into a great offer for wholesale and retail for the coming season with our mango program. Check out thus weeks video for all the information An offer you can’t refuse We have now locked up 240 hectares of Atau

If you are not adding you are subtracting

Happy Sunday. This week we have 3 links I would like you to check out. The first is the produce group I spoke about last week and I recommend it highly to anyone involved in any aspect of the produce business. The second links is about the suspension agreement again and more propaganda from the Florida Tomato growers. Pay close attention to the last paragraph which is total BS. The last link is to Albertson’s quarterly results, which they knocked it out of the park. I would e

PMA, virtual vs reality

Good morning and happy Sunday. This week I will discuss the virtual PMA to the in-person PMA which I have attended for over 30 years, not every year, skipped a few while I was in the Army and a few other times. Then I would like to dovetail the following circumstances into a somewhat state of the produce industry from farmer to consumer in current and hopefully post covid-19. Then I will close with one of my tips for success and of course a market report. #produce #freshfood

Tik tok the produce clock is ticking for consumers

Good morning and Happy Sunday. The following 3 links happen to be subjects I spoke about last week, amazingly they came up in this week’s news. The first is #walmart new format. I have been bashing their terrible displays for over 5 years but now it is time to give credit where credit is due, they finally got the memo. Next we check out #delmonte going direct to consumers. The third subject is #shaymyers, whom has become a celebrity doing what I have been begging the #pma and

Time for produce associations to associate with consumers.

Happy Sunday. I have said this many times before it’s time for the PMA and United to market to consumers and not to us. The one factor that helps all of us in every aspect of this industry is more consumption. Our trade associations should make this their top priority. Consumers are our audience and if we get them excited about produce, they will excite us with more consumption. It’s time for the PMA and United to wake up. Check out this weeks video with more insights to the

Produce succes in a sustainable package

This week I would like to elaborate on a few things that have helped me in my produce career and hopefully it will help some of my younger followers. Next, as you know before the covid-19 pandemic I was not a fan of packaging. I am and was a big believer in produce looks better naked. Consumers, due to the virus do not want their produce touched so packaging becomes necessary. The time is now to cycle away from plastic and gyrate towards more eco-friendly alternatives. #produ

I moved and what is moving the markets.

Happy Sunday. How are you? I am sorry for not doing a mid-week posting as promised. We moved to our new home and it’s been a little hectic and stressful. Divorces and moving are the 2 biggest stressors and I should know I did both more than once. This weeks video is short and sweet and I will be back in form by next week, guaranteed. Have a great week. #produce #freshfood #supermarket #walmart #usda #boxprogram #kroger #target #peppers #retailproduce #amazon #costco #foodserv