My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

Happy Father's day with some fatherly advice HAPPY FATHER”S DAY! I can’t believe the response of my last posting, THANK YOU for all the comments. This week I will give some Fatherly advice for life and of course produce. Some of the topics I discuss, Retail sales are up. Is it do to higher prices? Prices at the farm are lower not higher, and demand is off. If you want to be a disruptor, you n

Who took the fun out of produce?

Who took the fun out of produce? Was it the grinch? I remember the days when my customers would come to my store and get the best produce at fair prices, but they also came for the produce r=education and entertainment. Today in most large stores I rarely even see a clerk, let alone a produce manager. There are some high dollar repeat customer sales in educating and entertaining your customers, check out this week’s video to hear some of the things I have done. Don’t forget

The link that's been missing

The link retail has been missing but reemerged during the pandemic. Wholesale and terminal market vendors can be retail’s best assets if one is nearby. What to do when your perfect produce supply chain collapses? Call me. Happy Anniversary to my wife Veronica, she has made me a better man. 9 years together, 7 years married and no itch that she can’t scratch. Check out this week’s video for all the latest. You must read the link in the produce news.

Blast from the past and from the present

Blast from the past and from the present too. How do you like those tube socks and shorts? That was me in 1984 at Fort Devins. An old army roommate contacted me on linkedin and shared some pics with me. Lots of great memories. Thank you for all the congratulations, on the arrival of my granddaughter Billie. Here are a couple more pics. This week’s video is on why I say the things I say, so don’t hate me. Click the link for the video. #freshproduce #sustainableagriculture #pro

Grab and go, crawl, walk, run into success

It’s a great day! My granddaughter, Billie Marie was born yesterday at 11:11 PM, Mom and baby are perfect! We will continue with Wednesday’s grab and go and what I believe what is needed to make the transition. Hint, you may need better training or AI with some produce intelligence to achieve this. I will explain why it’s in retail’s best interest to conform because as it stands now, they are inviting very formidable competition into their space. I have some great predictions

Free is great but having skin in the game adds value

You have to have skin in the game for everyone to work towards a great outcome for everyone. Some of the best things in life are truly free but sometimes you need to pay for things to see their value. Produce shows may be one of them. This week I share more observations and recollections from Viva fresh, this week’s video explains it all. I also have a few more ideas and I will share more in the future about how I feel to move produce consumption

Produce is like Jesus, it takes away the sins of the store

This week we have a couple of links on 2 chains that do produce right. I have never been to either of these chain’s stores, but their reputation precedes them. Check out these two stories. Then of course I have to speak of who is doing it wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t be me. Please go to my FB page to share our food distribution tomorrow in Texas. Let people here know help is on the way.

Is this the best we can do?

Good morning and Happy Wednesday. The pictures above are from the worlds largest retailer, #walmart. If you go through the rest of a Walmart store you will surly find stacked shelves, big displays and value pricing. Why would you treat the produce department any differently? Walmart with their tremendous buying power have transformed retail, you can argue either way for better or worse. The truth is you don't become the biggest by doing it the worst. Well except when it come


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving. With the holiday on Thursday and me traveling to see my family I am posting this a few days early this week. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and my food for thought. We all have something to be thankful. In my life I have a rule concentrate on what you have not what you don’t, and you will be thankful. Most people would love more money, think of someone with no money, A home or a bigger home, think of someone living on the street or in a box,