My mission is to educate and train consumers and the produce industry with proven old school practices, marrying them with new world technology and metrics to facilitate  omni channel marketing of produce to the benefit of grower, wholesaler, retailer and consumer.

Happy Father's day with some fatherly advice HAPPY FATHER”S DAY! I can’t believe the response of my last posting, THANK YOU for all the comments. This week I will give some Fatherly advice for life and of course produce. Some of the topics I discuss, Retail sales are up. Is it do to higher prices? Prices at the farm are lower not higher, and demand is off. If you want to be a disruptor, you n

Who took the fun out of produce?

Who took the fun out of produce? Was it the grinch? I remember the days when my customers would come to my store and get the best produce at fair prices, but they also came for the produce r=education and entertainment. Today in most large stores I rarely even see a clerk, let alone a produce manager. There are some high dollar repeat customer sales in educating and entertaining your customers, check out this week’s video to hear some of the things I have done. Don’t forget

The link that's been missing

The link retail has been missing but reemerged during the pandemic. Wholesale and terminal market vendors can be retail’s best assets if one is nearby. What to do when your perfect produce supply chain collapses? Call me. Happy Anniversary to my wife Veronica, she has made me a better man. 9 years together, 7 years married and no itch that she can’t scratch. Check out this week’s video for all the latest. You must read the link in the produce news.

Blast from the past and from the present

Blast from the past and from the present too. How do you like those tube socks and shorts? That was me in 1984 at Fort Devins. An old army roommate contacted me on linkedin and shared some pics with me. Lots of great memories. Thank you for all the congratulations, on the arrival of my granddaughter Billie. Here are a couple more pics. This week’s video is on why I say the things I say, so don’t hate me. Click the link for the video. #freshproduce #sustainableagriculture #pro

Grab and go, crawl, walk, run into success

It’s a great day! My granddaughter, Billie Marie was born yesterday at 11:11 PM, Mom and baby are perfect! We will continue with Wednesday’s grab and go and what I believe what is needed to make the transition. Hint, you may need better training or AI with some produce intelligence to achieve this. I will explain why it’s in retail’s best interest to conform because as it stands now, they are inviting very formidable competition into their space. I have some great predictions

Value is in the eye of the beholder and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

About 15 years ago I had a gamer in Connecticut, who I sold his product for many years. I would make 8-10% on my sales. Well after a few years and knowing all the customers I sold his stuff too he decided that he didn’t want to pay the 10%, he saw no value. I can remember the VERY FIRST week I was selling similar cucumbers for $20, and I found out from one of my customers that he charged him 10 for the cukes. So, minus my commission he would have received $18 but on his own

The most important factor in buying and selling produce

The most important factor in buying and selling produce This week we speak about the most important aspect of buying and selling produce, demand. Some will argue it’s supplies but after 40 years I can tell you markets have nothing to do with supplies it’s all demand driven. Next, I want to speak about making new produce connections, outside your regular circles. I want to invite anyone with an iPhone or iPad to join clubhouse, I am sure they will get to android users in the f

Transforming the produce isle to the online isle

We have seen many changes during the last year in produce due to covid. How can we now translate that impulse sale in the produce isle to the online produce isle? One way would be to set up a virtual isle on your website with specials and picks of the week, there are a couple of more ideas in this week’s video. We also speak about transportation as it effects supplies and demand. I also has 2 links that I also speak about in this week’s video, please check them out. Lastly is

Produce is like Jesus, it takes away the sins of the store

This week we have a couple of links on 2 chains that do produce right. I have never been to either of these chain’s stores, but their reputation precedes them. Check out these two stories. Then of course I have to speak of who is doing it wrong, otherwise I wouldn’t be me. Please go to my FB page to share our food distribution tomorrow in Texas. Let people here know help is on the way.

Happy Valentines day! Your relationship with AI sucks

Happy Valentine’s day, your relationship with AI sucks Is AI ( Artificial Intelligence) going to work in produce when the building block for it was NI ( No Intelligence) . I am by no means tech savvy; in fact, I tell people I know enough to get me into trouble but not enough to get me out of trouble. I do know the old term when it comes to computing, “garbage in equals garbage out”. What if 30 years ago all the schoolteachers were replaced and the new crop of no experienced t

I am a dinosaur, in a perfect storm

Happy Sunday I have been in produce before fax machines, before beepers, before car phones and then cell phones, before personal computers, I am a dinosaur. I have come to realize that I am not in the current mainstream of produce, much to my dismay. A few weeks ago, I spoke about loyalty. I stated it was a 2-way street, you have to give it to get it. In this week’s video I will address this again as well as the current state of the produce business. I will also address botto

The winning is in giving

What a great day organizing a farmer to family Box program with some awesome volunteers. Please check out my FB page link The following was an excerpt from the 10 produce influencers, written about Shay Myers. Consumers are starving for our story and still many of you are still not telling it. The videos are an easy watch and don’t require any p

Changes remain the same, if you can keep them.

Happy Sunday This we will continue with changes both good and bad we have experienced over the past year. What can we do to have a continuation of the best and get rid of the worst? We have seen unprecedented growth in home delivery of produce and organics over the past year as people wanted to eat healthy to help them against the virus. Going forward box delivery programs from non-retail competitors can change the produce landscape. My hope that one big player in retail or d

Changes in produce to capture the future

Happy Sunday. We have had unprecedented growth is produce in 2020. There are things we are doing right and a few things we are doing wrong. In with the good and out with the bad, change is good for all. It is time to stop being a lemming and change the produce model for the future. This pandemic will end and the leaders that make the changes today will be the ones standing tall and prospering when the lemmings follow each other to oblivion. Check out this week’s video. https:

WHY reinvent the wheel and why is my tongue purple?

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel and why is my tongue purple? Today we have a couple of stories that share the same theme. The first is produce buying and selling. I have been on both sides of this equation for many years and I can remember what Anthony Robbins stated on his tapes over 3 decades ago. “ Find someone who is successful and use that for a template for your success” I am paraphrasing here. In other words, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. In this week’s video I wil

Gaps, Gluts and Glory

HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope. Let’s all hope and pray for a better 2021. We will have a at least a few months ahead of troubled waters and I believe by working together and forming some new alliances and partnerships we will get through this. My aim has always been to get good shippers and good receivers, at every level together, this is now more important than ever. Unless there is a drastic change fast I can see unprecedented gluts and gaps in our immediate future, as I pointed

Produce 2021, is the worst yet to come?

Happy Sunday, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. This week’s video may be a long one because I have a lot to say about the produce business going forward into next year from Grower, to wholesale to retail and finally the consumer. I have a lot in my head, hopefully if all gets on the video. I always bank on the resiliency of the men and woman in produce and we all may be put to the most stringent test going forward. We need each other to get through this now more than eve

Our produce marketing sucks

Happy Sunday, I am posting the links of 2 germinal market tours which had many views this week and people really seemed to enjoy them. Hopefully I can get on the road again soon and visit more markets. This week’s video This week’s highpoints. I think we are in for a rough ride over the next several months in the produce sphere. My hope that a stimulus package could give us a boost and th

MY Person of the year is you

Check out these links from #PMG. These stores make my heart skip a beat and show that there are some people out there that still know how to sell and merchandise produce. Contrary to time magazine’s beliefs I think the front line works and the whole produce supply chain get the Paul Manfre persons of the year. We ran out of many things at the stores during this pandemic but fresh produces was not one of them. Let’s give a shout out to ALL our front line workers. https://www.l

Terminal markets are a leading indicator of produce pricing

Last week I had many questions about my terminal market and FOB pricing theory, so I will try to go into more detail today. Terminal markets are a leading indicator to the supply and demand equation. Then I would like to share some hard personal experiences that I have warned you about and now have come into my reality. On a better note I will have some very good personal news next week so join me to celebrate. Lastly the video ended abruptly, and I have no idea why. Check o