About Me 

   I started selling fruit and vegetables from a pushcart almost 40 years ago on the streets of New York City. Since that time I have had retail stores, wholesale food service business, a salesman in a terminal ( Sold every Item from Apples to Yautia), street buyer, grower/shipper, importer/exporter. I have lived and shipped produce from several foreign countries. You would be hard pressed to find someone with such a diverse and successful background. Most importantly after all these years I still love this business and continue to grow and learn. My new goal in life is to reteach the big chains how to sell volume produce that ads value to the consumer, grower and to their bottom line. They don't think out of the box, they need a new box  
We area importer/shipper, 
grower representative. 
We also offer inspection services with pictures, load consolidation, in/out services as well as buying and brokerage services. If you are in retail, wholesale, foodservice show me your business and I'll show you how to increase sales and profits by using the produce markets natural ebbs and flows of production and
or the entire season. We customize to fulfill your needs.youwith outstanding quality!
We Specialize in "Contract pricing" for a variety of commodities throughout the world. These contracts are available for a week,monthWe offer uninterrupted high-quality products throughout the season. Our premium pack Bloom Fresh label, offered in a variety of products, will never disappoint
with offices in NYC, Nogales Az. and McallenTexasover
production which will help your company to
greater profits and delivering real value while helping to sustain farmers. Specialties: peppers, Mangostoyourcustomers, Green squash, eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelons, all hard squashes, Avocados. Shipping from many areas both Nationally and internationally. When everyone else fails, call me!!